Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin Type

To look beautiful and gorgeous is the first right of every woman and now even the men’s are also conscious about their looks and beauty. Beauty not only increases your outer image but it also increases your self-confidence level to extreme. In today’s fast running world every woman wants to look gorgeous in less time and they also avoid heavy makeup. Tinted moisturizers are very good and useful for both types of skins dry and oily.

Complexion the major factor of beauty

Skin complexion is the major and basic factor of beauty. Some women have beautiful god gifted white complexions but some have dark complexions and these women’s prefer to use product which make them look fair for these women’s tinted moisturizer are the best and useful product. Blemished moisturizer gives them fair complexion with natural smoothness of skin. Blemished moisturizer gives white complexion without damaging your skin.

Tinted moisturizer for sensitive skins

Women’s that have sensitive skin usually avoid cosmetics because some cosmetics have ingredients that are not good for sensitive skins they may cause harm. Tinted moisturizers are best product for sensitive skin people can use stained moisturizers instead of using dangerous creams or cosmetics. These moisturizers give them fair skin without applying some whitening powder.

Moisturizer in market

There are many different moisturizers in the market which are very famous for their whitening but sometimes they give you extra fairing complexion that looks artificial and don’t give you smoothing effect. Tinted moisturizers are better among them because it gives natural whitening effect. Tinted moisturizers are the key component to keep your skin healthy. There are numerous moisturizers which are very popular for oily skins like Arizona sun, Clarins hydra, Mary cay, Lamer and many more and many customers like them and advised you to try but don’t make your decisions on other hands try all of them and then chooses the best among them which gives you smooth oil free skin without any harm.

Daily use of tinted moisturizer

Regular use of tinted moisturizer will give you healthy naturally glowing skin without any side effect. Its daily use can also make your skin age better your skin becomes younger.

Wrong product effects on the skin

  1. If you choose wrong moisturizer your skin becomes greasy.
  2. You may get pimples, rashes and even blackheads.
  3. Some moisturizers are good but have strong fragrance and some people have severed allergy of fragrance.
  4. Nowadays there are many types of spray moisturizers available in the market which may gives you temporary glow but cannot protect your skin from sun and dust which may cause damage to your skin.

Protection from sun rays

Tinted moisturizer has ultraviolet ray’s protector so ultraviolet rays coming from sun cannot harm your skin, always apply blemished moisturizer before going out in sun. Tinted moisturizer protects you from skin burning. These moisturizers protect your fairness from sun rays. They also protect you from dust and harm particles of the air.

Sometimes continuous working under sunlight drained our skin water which may cause damage to our cheek cells because of which our skin start drying and cracks occurs tinted moisturizer protect your skin water and gives you permanent glow.

Choose of best moisturizers

  1. As we all know that our body is 80 percent of water so always selects the moisturizers which have high amount of water content. These moisturizers protect your skin from damaging and keep your skin hydrated and when your skin remains hydrated it becomes oil free and fresh.
  2. Read description carefully and make sure that product may contain all the useful contents.
  3. Some Moisturizers may have mud, Almonds, cucumber etc but don’t have ultraviolet rays protector always choose the moisturizers that have SPF in which protect you from skin staining.

Applying process

  1. Before applying any product on your body or face don’t forget to clean up with water.
  2. Dry your face or body with towel don’t rub towel hardly sometimes it may cause rash.
  3. Take little quantity of moisturizer on your palm and start applying gently.


  1. Tinted moisturizes are easily available in all markets.
  2. You really feel changes after using this moisturizer.