Simple Solutions For Hair Loss Problems

Hairs are the main beauty of women face, it can make your look graceful. Women having long and thick hairs can enhance their face beauty and made them to be look like an imaginary girl. Every woman want to have long and thick hair. So the best clarifying shampoo is essential. But today’s hair falling problem is a common problem between males and females. Every second person around us is facing this problem. If you cannot find better solution of it then your hair becomes thin and short. Mostly women with short and thin hairs can feel guilty. They feel embarrassment whiles making any style of their hair, as it does not give them a desirable look. They can feel hesitation in either strait their hair or making a twist. They seem to be UN confident when going to any party. Nowadays most of the companies made a lot of products for the solution of this hair fall problem but no suitable results can be seen. You must have to use homemade treatment as its better and effective for your hairs. Although these treatments do not solve your problem permanently. But proper treatment can save your hair from farther damages.

Homemade solutions

If you worried about your thin and short hairs or from hair falling problem then do not worry. Here some homemade solutions are given which can helpful in solving their problem.

Oils massage for hair

  1. If you want to prevent your hairs from loss than massage your hairs properly by using Mustard oil as it’s affordable and everyone can get it easily. Try to warm it slightly before using, because this can make your hair healthy by increasing blood circulation.
  2. You must have to use Olive oil for your hair as it is more suitable than any other oil. You can massage your hair by using it as it’s necessary for health of hair. If you want better result then add honey and cinnamon in equal amount in it. Mix this solution and use it gently on hair roots. Massage it softly and leave it for half a hour. Now remove this solution with slightly hot water.
  3. You can also use almond oil for your hairs as it is full of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant (a chemical that decreased affect of those changes that can occur in body).Use it in roots of hair and massage it slowly. This can repair your destroyed hair and make it healthy if you can use it daily.
  4. If you want the better growth of your hair then can use Castor oil for your hair, as it can increase your hair growth. Just use it daily on these parts of hair where you found less hair or even no hair is present. After someday you can feel unbelievable growth of your hair.
  5. Coconut oil is much better for fulfilling gaps that occur in your hair due to hair fall as it’s suitable for growth of hair. Mix both coconut oil and Lime juice in equal amount and apply it on hair roots. Massage it slowly for 10-15 min. Now leave it for one hour, and then remove this solution with slightly hot water to get amazing results.

Fried Coriander for hair growth

You can also use fried coriander for your hair growth. Simply fry seeds of Coriander with any oil like Olive oil, Coconut oil, or Mustard oil. Now filter it and use this solution on your hair. Massage it slowly for better hair growth. Save remaining solution for farther use.

Unique conditioner for hair

Prevent hair from falling, you should have to use this conditioner is a unique conditioner that you can prepare easily at your home. Simply make a mixture of Yogurt, Lemon, Oil of any type and

Egg. Use this mixture on hair protects your hair with towel for n Hour to get better results. After that remove this mixture with hot water. You will see an unbelievable change in your hair.

Best oil of Amla and Reetha

Amla and Reetha are the best conditioners for making hair healthy and lengthy. Dip equal amount of both Amla and Reetha in water for whole night. Then mix this mixture with Mustard oil and cooked it until half amount of it is left. Burn the smallest piece of jute equal to a tissue paper and add this material in this mixture. Best oil is ready for your hair, use this oil daily for preventing your hair from loss.

Treatment with Curd and Black Pepper

We know that protein is necessary for healthy hairs. So you must have to use curds for your hair treatment as it is full of protein. Prepared a mixture of curd and black pepper in the ratio of 1:10. Use this mixture on hair and massage it softly. Keep your hair warms by covering it with towel for 20 minutes. Now use some shampoo for removing it.