Makeup Tips For Working Women

Every woman want to look perfect and beautiful no matter they are going out or staying at home but all the time they just want to look attractive. For the sake of which they use makeup to hide flaws of face. But sometimes they are overdone with their makeup which looks very artificial and awkward on the routine basis. Girls are more prone to this problem. Casual or daily routine makeup suits you whether you are going to any professional meeting or sitting at home freely. To overcome with the daily routine makeup problems you will find few tips in this article.

So What Makeup Products You Need to Use?

Start with cleansing. Your makeup should begin with cleansing as removing dirt and grease is important before doing makeup. Wash your face with soap. Dry it with towel and then with the help of any good cleanser cleanse your face.

Apply Toner:

After cleansing washes your face again and applies toner to your face rose water is the best and the cheapest toner of all.

Tie your Hairs:

Before makeup it is necessary to tie your hairs for avoiding any disturbance during makeup. hairs become messy during makeup if you don’t tie them properly.

Apply Foundation:

Apply foundation to your face in circular motion. It can protect your skin from sun rays. You can also apply sunscreen before applying foundation. blend the foundation properly for the even tone, choose the foundation according to your skin type and your skin color.

Apply Face Powder:

If your skin is oily then after applying foundation a little face powder helps in sustaining your makeup for long time. You can skip this step if you have dry skin.

Apply Blush:

Apply a little blush on your cheeks, nose chin and forehead in way that it looks natural. Don’t apply too much blush as it will give you very artificial look.

Apply Eyeshadow:

Apply eyeshadow of lighter tone on your eyes. Use eye shadow that matches your blush tone for natural look. avoid using too much shimmery eyeshadows.

Apply Eyeliner:

After applying blush apply thin eyeliner or eye pencil to give your eyes shape. Be very careful in applying eyeliner as it needs much attention and proper handling. eyeliner should be applied evenly on both eyes. take help of anyone if you don’t know how to apply it properly.

Apply Mascara:

Applying mascara is also a very important step it gives your eyes a bigger look. While applying eyeshadow some of it falls on your eyelashes mascara helps to cover it also.

Apply Lipstick:

the last step is applying lipstick. Apply lipstick of lighter shade avoid using darker shades as for casual or routine makeup darker shade won’t look elegant. After lipstick apply lip liner of one shade darker. Lip liner gives your lipstick boundary and fresh look for long time.


  1. Don’t apply too much foundation as it creates patches on your face.
  2. Go for quality not for quantity while purchasing products.
  3. Go for makeup which suits your skin tone.
  4. Start with the lighter makeup then add as much you want.
  5. If your lipstick is dark then use light eyeshade and vice versa.