Makeup Tips for Warm Skin Tones

Warm skin tone people find little difficulty in settling their makeup. Sometimes base doesn’t matches with your skin tone, sometimes any other problem with makeup appear. Some people have fairer skin but due to environmental factors, their skin color become tan. If you do not analyze your skin color then you are unable to present yourself gloriously. The whole charm of you comes when you dress up as well as present yourself according to what you are without giving artificial looks. In this article, warm skin tone people find tips to dress up and makeup very well.

Analyze Your Skin Tone

The first step before proceeding to makeup is to analyze your skin tone. People find much difficulty in this step. What you need to do is, judge your wrist vein color if they are green then you have warm skin tone and if they are of blue then you have cool skin tone. Another way to judge your skin tone is by wearing white shirt and stand in front of mirror and see if you skin color appear red or yellow from shirt then you have warm skin tone and if pinkish tone appear then you have cool skin tone. After analyzing your skin tone, you are enabling to choose makeup and dress color perfectly. Do not mess your mind with the terms skin tones and undertone. Skin tone refers to the color your skin carrying like olive, dark, light and undertone is warm or cool color.

Choosing Foundation

After analyzing your skin tone and undertone, the next step is to select foundation. Choose the foundation that match with your skin color do not go with the choice of others test it by yourself because not everyone has same skin tone. Test foundation and select the one that blends on your skin properly. Bronze shade works best on warm skin tones. It will give your skin even tone and adds glow to it.

Makeup Instructions

  1. After selecting base or foundation for your skin, go for selecting eye makeup. Best eye shadow for warm skin tones are browns, pinks and green these color add depth to your eyes. Neutral shades also look best on warm skin tone people. Be a little experimental with these colors. Give line to your eyes with brown shade and apply black grey color to the lids. Warm skin tone people should use brown shade of mascara to enhance your beauty.
  2. For warmer skin tone yellowish base blush suits best. Apply little blush do not give yourself cartoonish appearance by applying too much blush.
  3. The best shades of lipstick for warm skin tones are oranges, corals and red. You should avoid pastel colors as it wipe out your entire looks and pale your skin. Do not forget to line your lips with the shade you choose for lipstick for finish appearance.

Hair Color Selection

Warmer skin tone women should be very careful in selecting hair colors because not every shade suits on them. Avoid ash color in your hairs. Colors that compliment the best are light honey blondes, medium strawberry and golden blondes, warm chocolate browns, ginger or orange based reds and dark browns. Those who have their hair color naturally blonde should avoid changing their hair color, as it would not be acceptable by people.