How to Use Lip Liner Brush

Your makeup looks incomplete without lipstick because it adds beauty to your makeup. It gives you a youthful appearance no matter how old you are. You look fresh whenever you wear lipstick because it has an appealing quality if applied beautifully and clean. Nowadays lipstick is applied by lip brush which further gives finish look to your lipstick it is widely used by makeup artists and young girls are also now moving towards its usage. In this article you will find some trick to use lip liner brush.

Exfoliate and moisturize your lips

First thing you need to do before applying lipstick is to exfoliate your lips in order to remove dead skin from it and moisturize it using good quality lip balm or petroleum jelly, or any moisture. This will make your lips soft and easily handle while applying lipstick.

Apply foundation

The next step is to apply foundation on your lips so that your lips get even tone and clear space for lipstick. proper blending is very necessary for even color if you don’t blend it properly your color will not give the looks you want.

Select lipstick

Select a lipstick that compliments with your skin tone, hair color, your dress and most importantly latest trend. For fairer complexion red, maroon orange suits best and for dull complexion go for lighter tone lipsticks.

Make a lip line

By using lip liner make a lip line. It will make a boundary for your lipstick and it helps to prevent lipstick to spread. While choosing lip liner chooses one shade darker then lipstick. remember best choice gives you best results so be wise while selection.

Apply lipstick you select

Start applying lipstick from middle of your lips. Run lip liner brush over lipstick and then apply in your lips like you are painting your lips. Be careful don’t apply too much lipstick as it changes the color you desire and gives cakey look and patches form.

Proper blending

After applying lipstick it is very important to blend it. Blending gives your lip clean look and your color will be more enhanced through proper blending. Blend your lipstick with lip liner brush start from one end to another end of the lips.

Tips and warnings

  1. Always use separate brush for light and dark shades of lipstick.
  2. After using brush wash it properly.
  3. Before using lip liner brush slightly wet it.
  4. Avoid using any one else’s lip liner brush.
  5. If you have thin lips then go for small size brush most probably zero size.