How to Touch Up Makeup In Minutes

After doing perfectly flawless makeup every woman started worrying about its time of fading off especially if she is going for any long duration party the main thing comes to her mind is does her makeup resist for so much time? To overcome this problem she keeps her makeup kit with herself but sometimes she unable to give proper touch-ups to her makeup and that’s the point when she really worry about her looks. To overcome this problem here are some to touch up your makeup.

Which Products You Should Using

Use of Oil absorbing Paper

If you have a oily skin then major problem is the oil which appears few hours after your makeup. to remove that use oil absorbing paper for this purpose you can use tissue paper, blotting paper, or absorbing rice paper tissues. Just dab your face through it to remove oil. be careful in using tissue paper as it sticks on your face.

Use concealer

If you have any dark spot problem on your face then better to apply concealer slightly so that all your flaws would be hidden. apply concealer to your dark spots and dark circles.

Apply face powder

After removing excess oil simply apply face powder to even the skin tone. Face powder also helps to prevent the oil to appear on your face and gives fresh look for a long time. Face powder also work as sunscreen so its better to apply it so that your face should be protected from sun rays. choose best quality face powder as your makeup largely depends on it.

Remove your existing lipstick

While touchups better to remove your lipstick and apply it freshly I keep your lips from cakey and patchy looks. Remove your lipstick with a moist sponge so that your lips don’t lose moisture. If you don’t wish to apply lipstick just apply lip gloss. while applying lip gloss make sure that you existing lipstick removes well. just moisturize your lips before reapplying anything again.

Apply blush

If you feel the need of blush then apply blush on a very small amount just to give fresh look. By blush your make up after touchups appeal a lot and would be eye catchy. use lighter shade of blush when you retouch your makeup. blush sometimes gives very sharp appearance so proper techniques should be known so that you don’t feel embarrassment. always apply blush to your cheekbones rather than your whole cheek. apply a very little to your nose and chin also but be careful in its quantity. too much can mess your entire look.


  1. Better to avoid eyeshadow as it fade off very fast use of mascara is recommended instead.
  2. Use waterproof makeup.
  3. Use good quality product which has long-lasting resisting capability.
  4. Avoid using shiny lipsticks for long duration party go for matte.
  5. While doing touch ups remember to apply everything in little amount not too much.