How to Style Hair With Gel

In modern days, all over the world people are very trendy and want to look attractive everywhere they go. From clothes they wear to styling of their hair, each one of them wants to look flawless. In recent times male and female both are always trying to give a new look to their hair and for this, gel is very necessary. Read this article to get more knowledge about hair gel.

Right preference of Gel

Figure out what texture and consistency works well for your hair. Male, Female both should always choose the hair gel according to their type of hair that will suit their hair perfectly. Choosing the hair gel some time also requires consultation from hairdresser and salons. Some gels make your hair feel thick and sticky that gives your hair an awful look and wash down to your face and makes it look oily. Some gels have different components in it that can cause discoloration or itchiness on your hair. These components include plasticizers, perfumes, color and gloss to add deviation to your hair. It is also noteworthy that hair gels have numbers to define the potential of it to hold your hair. The higher the number the stronger the gel is.

Sponge down your hair

Care is a really important factor for hair. We should go for all possible measures to have healthy hair. Washing hair is really essential and especially on daily basis. Before applying gel using conditioner is a good choice. Brushing hair is also really important that relaxes your mane and hair shafts and helps in the growth of new hair through increases blood flow. Putting a lot of gel doesn’t give a good look rather ruins our hair hence we should apply little amount of gel. Put the gel and rub it smoothly with both hands to have equal amounts on each hand. Gel should be applied section by section so that your hair has an equal amount of share of gel if you have long hair and creased if vice versa.

Hairstyling yourself

Making different hairstyles also explores your creativity. You can give hair your own style but in recent times funky hairstyle look stunning and hairstyles such as Emo look also makes you look cool. Gel stays to your hair even when your hair has dried so it is up to you to give your hair the look you prefer. For those of you who have straight, elongated and medium length of hair should twist their hair to give it a curly look.

To have this specific look, you should take a chunk of your hair strand after pertaining gel on them and re-apply gel on areas which are under attention of yours. You also have the option to braid your hair that will give a gorgeous look. For shorter hair, you can make spikes by using the tips of your fingers to get the favored look. You can also give a stiff mafia look by scrunch your hair and applying gel and then combing your hair or leaving it to dry.

Blow Drying

Blow drying your hair is optional. Use blow dry only when it is necessary. Excess use of blow dry can also damage your hair texture. People with long hair can use blow dry to give strength to their style. It’s still recommended to leave the hair gel dry naturally.

It is really important to take care of your hair and you should wash your hair everyday as soon as you return homeschool, office or anywhere else. You should always try to wash them before going to sleep to avoid split ends that sometimes can also cause dandruff. You should always try to use that style that suits you best and which makes you stand out among many. Hairstyles should be chosen wisely that makes you look good and suits you well & should define your personality. Hair cosmetic products help you avail your beauty regime.