How to Reduce Redness With Makeup

Redness due to acne is very common problem of growing girls as they are more prone to skin sensitivity and pimples, which leave their red marks. Red marks disappear with the period but few of people feel shame or uneasy due to these red marks on their cheeks. These marks interfere with their self-esteem. To overcome with this problem you will find some tips to apply foundation on your face properly to hide these marks temporarily.

Selection of perfect tone of foundation

To reduce redness of red spots through the foundation, first you need to buy a foundation that matches with your skin tone as well as has the capability to cover your redness. For this purpose, you can choose the greenish tone of foundation because it works best to hide pimple redness, especially for those who have fairer complexion. For medium complexion people yellow base is perfect to cover up redness on face.

How to apply foundation

If you are using liquid foundation, take a little on your finger, apply evenly to your face, and blend it properly. To avoid cakey and artificial look avoid too much application of foundation as it causes crack on your skin after few hours. A thin layer of base is perfect for long lasting effect.

Look natural

Sometimes girls apply too much foundation and powder on their face that they lose their natural looks. Apply concealer to the affected areas to reduce blemishes in proper way. If your skin is very sensitive then use mild foundations to avoid any side effects. Do not run the same side of the sponge to the concealer otherwise, it will be infected. Always use the fresh side of sponge while reapplying or retouches. Concealer should be applied before foundation because it has capability of hiding all your flaws on your skin. .

Long lasting effects

To avoid the problem of dullness of foundation after few minutes apply loose powder on your face. It will reduce oil to come up to your face and hence maintain your base for long times. It will also help to radiate your skin. Make you look fresh and charming. Apply powder on your face in circular or rolling motion. Powder foundation should also match your skin tone otherwise; it will distract your entire base by giving uneven skin tone.

Other considerations

Choose foundation and concealer according to your skin type i.e. oily, dry or combination skin type. If your skin is sensitive to any ingredient than read the pack of foundation and concealer carefully to avoid any irritation or harm after application. You can also take an expert advice. Foundations that contain sunscreen properties are best to use as it protect your skin from harsh sun rays. On a daily basis if you are not using any foundation than make, it your habit to use sunscreen lotions because sensitive skin is more prone to damage by sun rays.

Lifestyle modification

Lifestyle modification brings so much new in your life especially if these modifications are in positive way. Skin that has a problem of acne or inflammation than avoid taking any facial or other treatment because it worsen your skin conditions. Eat healthy, avoid fatty foods and junk foods as much as you can. Go for fruits and vegetables as much as you can to maintain healthy skin.