How To Prepare the Face for Makeup

Beautiful skin is something that almost everyone wants. Magazines and advertisements strike our minds with photos of women with flawless, healthy and glowing skin. While it may sometimes feel impossible, there are routinely steps you can take to achieve that look. Better to know how to prepare skin before makeup is one of the great things you can do to improve the skin and then let it shine and glow. Before applying makeup prepare the skin properly. Here in this article you will find some steps and instructions to prepare your skin.

Proper cleansing

Wash your face with any good quality face wash and dry it with towel. After washing your face with the help of cleansing milk cleanse your face from impurities and dirt particles. The cleanser which you are choosing for your skin should be alcohol-free and very gentle. Though many products on the market offer remarkable results, they are often just hype. Go for cleaners that have simple ingredients that won’t damage or harm your skin. As the skin has to face every day harsh external environment, which causes dead cell formation, it is important to remove them every time you apply makeup. While using a face wash, choose one that is suitable for your skin type.


No one likes clumps of makeup, so avoid the main culprit! Exfoliating says good bye to the damaged skin cells that have not already leaving your skin’s surface, bring out the new smooth skin below. Using exfoliator of any good company helps you to get rid of dead skin cells by removing them from your face. Exfoliator contains small granules circular in shape which without harming your skin gently remove dead skin.

Apply tonner

After exfoliation apply toner to your skin so that pores that are open during exfoliation, close. Open pores are more prone to effect by dirt particles so it is necessary for them to close and toner helps in this activity. It will not only fresh your skin but also remove remaining impurities too. Apply toner with the help of cotton to your whole face in circular motion. Face toners are also available in market by the name of face conditioners.

Apply moisturizer

After full absorption of toner on your skin apply moisturizer. Whatever moisturizer you use keep in mind that it should be SPF 15 so that your skin prevents from sunrays. As we grow older skin loses elasticity moisturizer delay this aging sign and keeps your skin fresh and glowing. Applying moisturizer early in the morning after you wake up and at night before sleeping is very beneficial. Moisturizer helps to hydrate your skin which is very important for healthy skin.

Apply concealer:

After moisturizing your skin take five minutes rest so that your moisturizer absorb deep in the skin. Then use concealer to hide your marks, scars or dark circle and make your skin look flawless. Be careful in choosing concealer according to your skin type. Concealer is easy to apply and have long lasting effect. It settles on your face very easily and is easy to handle. concealer acts as barriers between your skin moisture or oil and your makeup.