How to Get Healthy Hair with Natural Treatment

Women have a different type of hair. Some have long hair and other have short one. Whatever the length of hair is, healthy and shiny hairs enhance your face beauty. If you have long hair but they are not healthy and give dull look then it effects your whole beauty. Instead of that, if you have short and healthy hair then definitely it gives you an attractive look. So for healthy hair proper care must be necessary whether you have long hair or short hair. Usually, women with long hair is more conscious about its health as compared to women of short hair but always keep in mind that proper attention must be required for both long and short hair to make it healthy and attractive.

Natural Treatment For Healthy Hair

People mostly use different market hair product to get healthy hair but all cosmetic products of the market, whether it is branded or not, are full of chemicals that can damage your hair badly. So always try to treat your hair with natural source and for that homemade treatment is best option to make your hair healthy. Here we give you some easy, inexpensive and effective way of homemade treatment. You must have to follow it carefully if you want perfect result.


According to the hairstyle artist, mayonnaise is very effective for hair health. Mostly people ask that why we use it? Mayonnaise is prepared from egg and oil both. As these natural things are very useful for hair growth, that why they recommend it. So use it on your hair and massage your hair softly. Now leave it for 5-10 minutes. After that wash it with water to get an amazing result.


Vinegar is also very suitable for hairs health. Use diluted vinegar and massage your hair gently with tips of your finger. Then leave it for five minute and after that wash it with water by using some shampoo.

Egg and Honey

Egg is considered to be very effective for damaged and weak hairs. Simply make a mixture of egg, honey and two tablespoon of olive oil and use it on hairs. Massage your hairs softly for five minutes. After that hide your hair with warm clothe or towel. Now leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it with water. You can think that your hair looks amazing than before.

Oil treatment for hair

Castor oil

You should have to use castor oil for better growth of hairs. It is the most suitable and best option for it. Simply massage your hair by using castor oil on scalp and hair roots. This treatment protects your hair from falling. You can also use it by adding some lemon juice in it.

Baby oil

Baby oil is better way for hair protection. To make your destroyed hair healthy, you should have to use baby oil on hair daily. It provides protection to your hair from damages and gives them attractive look.

Almond oil

Almond oil is very good treatment for destroy hairs. It can treat your destroyed hair and make them healthy. To give healthy and attractive look to your hairs, make a mixture of both almond oil and honey by taking them in equal amount. Use it on scalp and hair roots and massage your hair softly. Leave it for few minute then wash it with water. Use this treatment daily to get long-lasting results.

Mustard oil

Mostly hairs are destroyed due to dandruff. Dandruff is a common problem of both male and females. It not only damages your hairs but also create rashes on hair that irritates you. Every person wants solution of this problem. The best treatment for this problem is to use mustard oil with neem and coconut oil. Apply mixture of these three oils on scalp and hair roots. Now massage your hair softly with tips of your finger and hide your head with warm towel. Now leave it for 20 minute and then wash it with water. Try to use it regularly to get ultimate result.