How to Do the Perfect Makeup for Fair Skin

Generally people do makeup to make their complexion fairer and look attractive. Choices are wide for people who have not so fair complexion but people who have fairer skin need to be little bit careful while doing make up so that they won’t look over do; very careful observation is required for looking elegant having fairer complexion. In this article certain tips and tricks are provided to play with your fairer complexion in a better fashion. The choice of makeup is very limited for fairer skin people but by having such limited choice they can do very much better. Only guidance is important.

Tip: The best light for cosmetics is daylight, but no one is actually wearing makeup on the street. Professional stylists do not like to work with incandescent lamps that are attached to the make-up mirror, because their light spectrum is closest to the warmest in the light scale, which makes the reflection of makeup insufficiently clear and reddish. Sometimes fluorescent lamps are used, but they also have disadvantages, so professional makeup mirror with lights have been and remain the leader in this field. They are the ones who give the illumination in the spectrum that is as close to sunlight as possible.

Choice of Concealer

Fairer skin need to choose concealer which cover the blue veins appear mostly around the eyes. Yellow shade of concealer is best for this purpose to cover all such lines and marks. Concealer also use to make your skin flawless hiding all the marks and spots on your skin. Don’t apply concealer in thick layer as it will chap after sometime.

Foundation Selection

While selecting the foundation choose one that matches your fore arm or neck skin. It will be slightly lighter than your face but is perfect match with your face complexion. Mineral powder should be use for best results. Proper blending is very important. Blend it to extent that it penetrates on your skin very well. Use cream foundation rather than powder.

Use of Blush

Fairer skin people should not forget to wear blush otherwise their skin look so flush out. Light peaches and pink blush seems to be look very cute on them but be careful; apply it in a limited amount that gives a natural look. For more natural look cream blushes give fantastic appearance and enhance your face complexion.

Eyeliner and Mascara

While selecting the shade of eyeliner and mascara avoid choosing black shades. Brown shades are best for fairer skin as it enhances the eyes and add depth in it and prevent your eyes from harsh looks. Remember choose eyeliner that matches your eye color and complement with it rather looking over and improper. Eyeliner should not be so thick.


Selection of eyeshadow should be very proper that compliment with your skin tone, your dress, occasion and your personality. Smoky eye makeup suits best on fairer skin other shades that look best are light brown, light pink and peaches. Avoid applying more than one color at a time otherwise your face will look so messy and colorful and give a view of clown. So many colors at a time take away your elegance and decency.

Color of Lipsticks

Light shades of peaches, pinks, oranges suits a lot on fairer skin. If you don’t want to wear lipstick choose lip gloss of neutral shades. For night parties you have a choice to wear red and cherry which looks very classy and sexy on fairer skin. Day and night preferences should be considered a lot while choosing lip shade for your. Elegance is the key point of makeup so maintain it as much as you can.