Do You Remove Makeup Before Sleeping?

Makeup makes you look and feel more attractive, but leaving it when you are going to sleep has bad impact on your skin. All the day, skin is exposed to dirt and pollution. So at night it is not only the makeup which you remove, but you also remove dirt and pollution from your face too. There is a breathing machine for skin when you sleep. Your skin needs oxygen but if it is covered with makeup not enough oxygen is supplied and the repair of damage cell could not be possible. When your skin covered with makeup for long time it hinders exfoliating process too. Remove your eye makeup as well because mascara and eyeliner make the skin stiff and dry and if your sleep leaving them on your skin aging sign appear so soon because at that time your skin become dehydrated which is the major cause of aging. One should know proper ways of removing makeup before bedtime to make your cells free to regenerate themselves.

A Couple Steps To Wash your Face Before Sleeping

Removing eye makeup

Apply any moisturizer or Vaseline on your eyes to remove mascara or eyeshadow and then with the help of tissue paper remove it. Avoid rubbing too much or harshly because eyes are the most sensitive part of your face and too much rubbing cause irritation and rashes around eye area.

Cleanse your face

Apply any good quality cleanser on your face and take off your foundation with the help of cleansing. Cleansing helps to open your pores. Be wise in selecting cleanser according to your skin type.

Cleanse your lips

Sometimes lipstick sticks on your lips after washing so its better to cleanse it before washing your face. Apply Vaseline to your lips and gently rub with tissue paper it helps a lot to remove your lipstick.

Take steam

Take steam of hot water for few minutes so that your pores open completely and provide ease to remove your makeup base from them which penetrate in your skin. It will dislodge your makeup. Your skin becomes soft with the help of steam.

Wash your face

After steaming wash your face with any good quality face wash to remove the remaining dirt or makeup from your skin completely. Splash water on face thoroughly. It is best if you wash your face with cold water. It helps to boost your cells.

Apply toner

After washing your face dry it with the help of a towel. Apply toner on your face with the help of cotton all over evenly it helps to close your pores so that no dirt or dust enters into it. Rose water is recommended as the best toner, as it suits every one without any worse effect and has a beautiful smell too.

Apply moisturizer

After toner apply moisturizer to your whole face so that your skin becomes gentle and soft. Moisturizer helps to hydrate your skin which is very important for the proper nourishment and for delaying aging signs. Moisturizer gives you soothing effect.


Don’t wash your face before removing your makeup it is the main cause of drying your skin and difficulty in removal of makeup. Use of noncomedogenic moisturizer is recommended. You can use baby oil as a cleanser but make sure that it will remove after properly after washing your face.