Anti Aging Makeup Tips – Turn Back the Clock

Our skin experience so many changing as it grow older. Skin loses its fatty layer, collagen and elasticity resulting in wrinkles. Hormonal changes make your skin drier as you grow older. Wrinkles mostly appear after you reached your 40’s or 50’s and most probably after menopause. Everyone is so particular about their looks and never ever wants to look older. As the aging process grabs you; you started applying so many anti-aging techniques regardless of thinking that either it works or not; either it has benefit effects or harm your skin further. To get rid of all these problems there are some makeup techniques introduced which cover all your aging marks with little effort and turn your clock back to normal.

What Tips You Should use for Anti Aging Makeup


Cleansing is very important for everyone. You should cleanse your face daily with any good cleansing milk in morning and at night. Before starting makeup first need to cleanse your face properly. It will remove impurities and dirt from your face. It also helps in retaining moisture content of face. After cleansing wash your face with Lukewarm water and let it dry.

Apply moisturizer

After cleansing apply moisturizer to your skin to hydrate it. Hydration helps your skin to stay fresh and prevent from wrinkles. Remember that moisture should be applied in upward position not downward. Use moisture that contains sunscreen properties also to save your skin from harsh rays of sun and to maintain your skin color.

Makeup primer

After applying moisturizer put makeup primer on your palm and apply evenly on your face to outward position it make a canvas for makeup. be careful primer should be applied in small quantity too much primer gives your skin oily effect and then it would be difficult for you to apply makeup on it.

Use of mineral powder foundation

Mineral powder foundation works best on wrinkled skin than a normal liquid foundation. Apply it with brush it hides your wrinkles to much extent apply 1- 2 coat of it to reduce the spots and blemishes. It covers all your aging marks but if applied properly. Take help of an expert on first application. Most mineral powder contains sunscreen so it’s better to look at the label before buying it. Use of kabuki brush is best for blending it.

Use of concealer

If your spot still needs coverage then apply concealer to cover them. Just dip the brush in concealer and apply to the areas that need camouflaging. This process further makes your skin look flawless and beautiful.

Use of cream blush

Apply cream blush to your cheeks to give it glowing and pinkish effect. Cream blush is better than powder blush as it prevents your skin from drying and chapping. Pink shade of blush gives you youthful effects.

Eye makeup

For best eye makeup results use eyeshadow primer. Primer fills lines and wrinkles around eyes. To properly define your brows use brown eye pencil. Always choose one shade lighter of the pencil than your original eyebrow. Use matte eyeshadow color one for contouring and one for highlighting. Blend them properly then apply thin eyeliner to give definite shape to your eyes. At the end apply mascara to your lashes in an upward position.

Lip color

Use a color that will hide your lines and marks around your lips. Like pink blush apply light pink lipstick to look younger. Mauve color gives you older and sad looks. Nude color washed out your looks.